::.Welcome to otsyula travel..your gateway to Africa

Otsyula Travel is a tour operator company who's prime aim is to offer tour operator services in the whole of East Africa by taking you to the region's prolific wildlife ensuring that they live the way the nature intended.

We arrange safaris for people with a passion for wildlife, cultural heritage, adventure and exploration. Walking with camels, tracking with tribes, photographing Mountain Gorillas, climbing Africa's highest mountains moving with the migration ina private tented game camps and game lodges, honeymoon or romantic safaris, self drive safaris, historical safaris, rail transport safaris, golf holiday safaris, photographic specialized safaris, bird watching safaris, camping safaris, walking safaris, desert safaris, cruise and scuba dives safaris, water rafting safaris, biking safaris and horse riding safaris, if these are your dreams we can turn them into reality 100%.

We recognize that our first responsibility is to our guests, who are the sole support of each and every one of us.

* We are friendly and courteous no matter what.
* We help our passengers in every way possible.
* We will be on time, every time.
* We take pride in our equipment condition and in our personal appearance.
* We will respond with urgency to any problem that jeopardizes these standards.